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Steam Pipe Explodes in Manhattan’s Flatiron District

Posted by Melinda Rosati | Jul 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

A steam pipe ruptured underneath a street in the Flatiron district of Manhattan on Thursday morning, producing a thick geyser of white smoke and debris that the authorities said was probably contaminated with asbestos.

Remarkably, nobody was seriously injured, but the explosion forced evacuations, disrupted the morning commute and called to mind more serious blasts involving Con Edison's steam distribution system.

Five people were hit with debris and suffered “very minor injuries” when the 20-inch pipe burst around 6:40 a.m., according to the New York Fire Department, which evacuated people from 28 buildings near the area of 21st Street and Fifth Avenue.

Most of us go about our daily lives without thinking that something like this could happen. Thank God no one got seriously hurt. There are many unexpected things that happen in life when people do get seriously hurt or killed. If you or someone you love have been the victim of an accident and have been injured the number one thing you are focused on is getting well. But these accidents can seriously effect your daily life and ability to provide for you and your family. Injuries from these accidents can manifest years down the road.
It is very important to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney who knows what may lie ahead for you and take the steps to protect your interests before the statute of limitations runs out.

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