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New York State Traffic Court Attorney 

Protecting your driver's license is our paramount concern. The traffic laws of New York State are complex and voluminous. Many traffic charges are actually crimes under the law. Many require suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Special laws govern people with commercial driving licenses. The penalties can be very harsh and financially devastating to people who drive for a living and thereafter are not able to do so. Additionally, the ability to drive on Long Island is a necessity as our public transportation is limited and built solely to transport people to New York City. Charges of a suspended license, driving without insurance, driving revoked, reckless driving, etc. have very serious consequences if you are convicted. Many people make the mistake of pleading guilty and sending the ticket in by mail and are shocked to learn the penalties imposed by the cost thereafter upon the plea of guilty by mail.

Consultations are free and you have nothing to lose by making an appointment and coming in and speaking with Mr. Young or a member of his very qualified staff on a matter of this type. Below are links to the N.Y.S. Vehicle and Traffic Law for your review of any crimes of this nature charged against your or a loved one.

Over 25 Years Experience

When you've been charged with a DWI or traffic offense, call for an attorney with over 25 years experience who is also a retired New York Police Department Sergeant who knows both sides.