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Town Code Violations

Town Code Violations in Long Island 

Town Code Violations are enforced by Town Inspectors and Code Enforcement Officers. These can include many charges the most common are Illegal Apartments, Building without a permit, Violations of Certificate of Occupancy, No Fire Detectors or Smoke Detectors plus numerous other charges. The Towns raise vast amounts of revenue from these law enforcement actions and while safety is the stated goal clearly cash is the reason they exist. First, never let a government official in your home voluntarily. They may tell you someone (unknown) reported you for an illegal apartment. You being a good citizen allow the inspector in to see that there is no illegal apartment. When he leaves you are astonished to receive a fist full of summonses. If they knock on your door or call you simply state speak to my lawyers at Young & Associates, in most cases that will end the situation. If they persist they have no choice but to contact us instead of you, we will then protect your rights and thwart any further action.


The fines are very high generally thousands of dollars. Further, the court will impose on you a  requirement that the inspector be allowed to return again to see the remedies were made. However, you will then receive more summonses. This vicious cycle can be repeated several times if you are unrepresented by a qualified Attorney who knows criminal law and how to stop this. These violations while considered civil in nature are in fact criminal law and knowledge of the criminal law is imperative to represent a client in these matters. With 25 years of criminal practice and from my knowledge from serving as an NYPD Sergeant I am more qualified to protect all your rights.

Court Procedures:

If you have or will receive a summons from a Town or Village of Nassau County or Suffolk County you will be required to go to court in person. This is in fact a criminal court and you are subject to excessive fines. If unrepresented you will be unable to raise defenses and laws which protect your rights. Many Appellate Court decisions are written regarding these type of matters which are generally in the citizens' favor.  Knowing these cases will result in a much better outcome when dealing with the Town or Village Attorneys.

Repeat Offenses:

If you are summonsed numerous times for the same offense the Town or Village can thereafter take further action against you. If you consistently are found guilty of illegal apartments they can bring actions to dispossess you of your home.

Over 25 Years Experience

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