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All Town Code Violations

Town Code Violations in Long Island 

While not generally crimes, town code violations must be taken seriously. Some town code violations like having an illegal apartment in the basement can actually be charged as a criminal offense since it jeopardizes life without a proper ingress and egress such as someone being killed by a fire or affixation. There have been many cases where boilers have leaked carbon monoxide gases and people have passed away and criminal charges were brought thereafter. These violations should be dealt with in a serious manner. The most important thing to realize is that the town code violations are a mechanism for raising revenue. While most are mere violations, the statutory scheme created by most towns will impose excessive and punitive fines. You should consult with an attorney to know your rights and understand that if you are represented by competent counsel rather than paying thousands of dollars in fines, you can retain an attorney and even if a plea bargain must be entered the fines imposed on you can be greatly lessened than when imposed on persons without counsel. Come in for your free consultation with Mr. Young and understand and protect your rights.

Consultations are free and you have nothing to lose by making an appointment and coming in and speaking with Mr. Young or a member of his very qualified staff on a matter of this type. Below are links to the Town Code Violations for your review of any crimes of this nature charged against your or a loved one.

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