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Robbery and Burglary New York State 

Robbery and burglary crimes are very serious crimes and are treated very seriously by the courts. However, many of these crimes are overcharged and based upon facts which when disclosed may demonstrate that the crime alleged was greatly overcharged or exaggerated. The defenses are numerous and holding the people to the burden of their proof beyond any reasonable doubt is imperative. Conviction of such a crime can destroy a person's future prospects and leave them with a very serious criminal record which will greatly effect any future potential employment. When a crime of this nature is committed the convicted persons are immediately looked upon as potential suspects. These cases should be fought vigorously to avoid conviction, particularly when alleged against young people who may have had an argument with friends or acquaintances from neighborhoods. These charges can be greatly exaggerated. For example when one person takes another person's cell phone as a joke and thereafter that person is charged with the very serious offense of robbery. Come in for your free consultation with Mr. Young and understand and protect your rights.

Consultations are free and you have nothing to lose by making an appointment and coming in and speaking with Mr. Young or a member of his very qualified staff on a matter of this type. Below are links to the N.Y.S. Penal Law for your review of any crimes of this nature charged against your or a loved one.

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