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Posted by Melinda Rosati | Aug 06, 2018 | 0 Comments

County Legislator Joshua Lafazan is asking Nassau County to establish a forgiveness program for drivers who were issued multiple tickets at some red light cameras.

Some drivers say the red light cameras, including a new one on Northern Boulevard at Route 106 in East Norwich, are unforgiving.

Lafazan says drivers have been complaining since the cameras were installed in May.  The drivers say they were unaware of the cameras until they received their first citation.  The driver's said they got even more citations for violations while they were waiting for the first to arrive in the mail.

The legislator says drivers should not get additional tickets until they have a chance to change their behavior.

“That would be fine… I mean if they're interested in altering my driving behavior… mission accomplished. But if they're interested in people driving more safely, I don't think it accomplishes it at all,” says Peter Kandell, of Muttontown.

Lafazan says most of the tickets received on Northern Boulevard were for drivers who didn't come to a complete stop before turning on red.

 It is important that you take care of traffic tickets.  They do not go away.  They just become more of a problem the longer you wait to take care of them.  

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